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Our Vision

M. J. Badagarang (Mikaela J. Cameron) is a proud Aboriginal woman from the Dharug Nation in Sydney, Australia. She is passionate about Closing The Gap between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples through the use of arts, dance, cultural practices, and connections to Country. 

Recent evidence of middens in Victoria has now placed Aboriginal People here on Australian soil for over 120,000 years, making this beautiful culture the oldest living culture in the world.

We must protect, cherish, and respect all that has been done to protect this land by Aboriginal Peoples and continue to be guided by their understandings and deep connections.

'Ngyina Yana - Let's walk together'.


M. J. Badagarang is a contemporary Aboriginal artist who enjoys creating digital and canvas artworks. Her work also extends into traditional carvings, engravings, and other crafts such as basket weavings. Badagarang is currently undertaking her final year in her Bachelor of Education Degree (Deakin University) and has been delivering cultural workshops to schools, universities, and other organisations for 4 years. She holds a strong belief to speak openly and invite others to learn about her beautiful culture which has strived for thousands of years.


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