Mikaela Cameron (M. J. Badagarang)


Mikaela Cameron (M. J. Badagarang) is a proud Dharug saltwater woman from the Hawkesbury River in New South Wales, Australia. She's worked the past 4 years as a cultural educator delivering cultural workshops and creating murals.

"Worimi, I am a proud Dharug woman. My totem is the Badagarang (Eastern Grey Kangaroo), and Waroo (the brown-eyes crow). I  pay my respects to all Elders past, present and emerging, and extend this acknowledgment to you and your people. Welcome, let's walk together."

The Objective

Currently undertaking her final year of her Education Degree, Badagarang understands that when it comes to teaching and implementing cultural education into the classroom, teachers can feel an overwhelming amount of pressure. These barriers, including the fear of disrespecting or offending, can be overcome with the right help from a traditional person whose key focus is to 'Close the Gap' (2008) through Reconciliation. Without implementing certain cultural practices, such as the 8 Ways Learning Pedagogy (Yunkaporta, 2009), true Reconciliation cannot flourish to its full potential.

Designing experiences to cater to everyone's needs, Badagrang's educational programs are a hit for any schools or businesses looking to embrace the Aboriginal cultures. Using a vast array of practices including arts, creative thinking, music, arts, dance, and other cultural knowledge, Badagarang delivers programs in a highly safe and judge-free environment.