Cultural Murals

Mikaela Cameron (M. J. Badagarang) is a traditional Dharug woman from the Hawkesbury River in Sydney, Australia. She's a pre-service teacher, currently completing her final year Bachelor's Degree in Education (completing 2020 at Deakin University). Badagarang has 4 years of experience in delivering different cultural programs in schools, universities, and other organisations. 'Closing the Gap' between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples is the core of every program delivered. Through her programs, Badagarang seeks to build understanding and respect for Aboriginal cultures and it's true history through a welcoming, friendly, engaging and exciting atmosphere.

'Let's walk together"

This Program

Murals can be created to specific requirements and can be created to suit both interior and exterior designs. Badagarang's art reflects traditional and contemporary design which incorporates a connection to Country. Murals can be pre-ordered, or completed on-site with students, groups, or individuals.

- Mock-up design included before painting commences

- Prices range depending on size & duration to complete

- All paints and equipment supplied

* To receive a quote and begin the process, please fill out the 'Mural Quote Request Booking Form' below and forward to

Cultural Mural Overview

Mural Quote Request Form

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