About your Cultural Educator


Mikaela is currently undertaking her 4th year in Education at Deakin University in Victoria. With her love for education and culture, she is the perfect choice for any cultural educational experience. Mikaela has 3 years of previous experience in delivering cultural educational workshops.

"I deeply enjoy connecting with people and helping them understand my culture. I love people asking questions and developing a safe place for people to do so. Questions, I believe is about curiosity. It's my absolute dream to run cultural workshops and be the guide that people choose for their own educational journey"

 - Mikaela

Introduction to Aboriginal Culture

Recommended for Grade 3 - Adults

What's Included

- A walk through traditional and contemporary Aboriginal Australia

- Digital plant and art presentation

- Tools and weapons

- Overview of the Australian Aboriginal Map

- Question and Answer time

- FREE teacher resource package!

Note: depending on the age of group, education may vary in depth.

Desert Dunes

Duration: 1 - 1.5 hours

Class Size: 30ppl max

Cost: $650.00*

* Cost may vary if you live

outside of the Newcastle region.