Cultural Education and Workshops

Our programs are designed to mold around different ages, abilities, knowlegdes, and understandings of groups from schools and universities to other organisations. 

All school programs are linked to the Australian Curriculum and structured around the 8 Ways Learning Pedagogy (Yankaporta, 2008). 

Add-ons Available!


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Dreaming for Kids

Duration: 1.5 hours

A cultural program recommended for Kinder to Grade 3 students. Listen and explore aspects of a dreaming story, walk into a traditional Australia, learn about traditional tools and weapons, and learn about dance and song through gameplay.

Introduction to Aboriginal Cultures and History

Duration: 2 hours

A cultural program that builds a basic understanding and foundation of Aboriginal cultures and history. Explore traditional and contemporary culture through art, language, tools and weapons, and develop an understanding of everyday life and aspects of cultural practices. Suitable for Grade 3 + students, and adults.


Specialised Topics

Duration 2 hours

A cultural program that caters to specialised topics. Recommended for cultural awareness training, teacher professional development, high school and university students of specific units, and any organisations wishing to learn more about a specific subject.


Cultural Murals

Duration: N/A

These workshops are centered around specific requests. Cultural murals hold various traditional aspects including symbols, community links, visual storytelling, and imagination. Murals can be pre-ordered, or completed on-site with clients/students.