• After an authentic Aboriginal designed Lanyard for work, corperate events, or just to decorate your key chain? Looking no further. These lanyards were digitally designed by M. J. Badagarang and come in 4 vibrant colours.


    Kinship - Three colours of tan, blue and pinks, this artwork represents kinship and connection to those around us.


    Healing - With the use of dots, this artwork represents healing. The spiral is a healing symbol that protects you as you walk through your journey.


    County Connection (blue and brown) - This artwork represents the meaning of Connection to Country which includes the land, seas, people, animals and plants, L.O.R.E and Dreaming.




    - Heat Transfer

    - Full Colour printed on both sides,

    - Saftey Clasp Breakaway

    - Trigger Clip

    - Dimentions: 900 x 20 mm (standard size)


    * For QTY's over 20, please contact us directly.